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ESOC Navigation Support Office as IGS Analysis Center

The Navigation Support Office is an IGS Analysis Center submitting products for all IGS product lines (Orbits and Clocks in Final, Rapid and Ultra-rapid modes, station positions, Ionosphere, Real-Time, etc).

The Navigation Support Office has been a continuous IGS member since its inception in 1992, and has always been an active participant in all the analysis activities of the IGS aiming to provide the best-in-class solutions to all products using GNSS data.

Since 2008 the Navigation Support Office has been running its new multi-GNSS, multi-technique software package called NAPEOS. The high performance of the NAPEOS software package, in both quality and processing speed, opened up a great potential for scientific analysis. Consequently significant enhancements of the ESA products took place in the time frame from 2008 until now.

The enhancements which are worth highlighting are:

  • GNSS solutions. All our analysis products, final, rapid, and ultra-rapid, were changed from GPS-only to true GNSS (GPS+GLONASS) solutions including clocks for both systems (GPS and GLONASS).
  • High rate clocks. Our final clock products were enhanced from 300 seconds to 30 seconds sampling for all GNSS satellites and stations.
  • EOP handling. Significant improvements were made in the EOP estimation, prediction, and handling which significantly improved our Ultra-rapid orbit predictions and also has made our LOD estimates extremely good.
  • Antenna Phace Centre Offsets. GPS and GLONASS satellite antenna PCO are included in our weekly SINEX solutions.
  • Reprocessing. All the historic IGS data since 1994 have been reprocessed regularly at the Navigation Support Office to validate new processing enhancements, and to consolidate our latest IGS analysis strategy. Our latest reprocessing series, covering the full period from 1994 to 2010, has 30 second clocks, satellite antenna offsets, and uses our latest software version.
The Navigation Support Office takes its committment to the IGS very seriously also in terms of contributing know-how and experience and not just results, data and products. Three Navigation Support Office staff are directly involved in the IGS governing structure as follows:

Dr. Werner Enderle

Appointed IGS Governing Board Member. (2016-2018)

As head of the Navigation Support Office and a full member of the IGS Governing Board assisting in the overall coordination, strategic planning and management of the IGS.

Dr. Loukis Agrotis.

Real-Time Analysis Center Coordinator (IGS Governing Board Member 2014-2017)

As ACC of the IGS Real-Time Service, and a full member of the IGS Governing Board, preparing the combined IGS Real-Time orbit and clock product, monitoring the contributions of all the Analysis Centers.

Dr. Ignacio Romero.

Chair of the IGS Infrastructure Committee (non-voting IGS Governing Board Member 2010-2017)

As Chair of the Infrastructure Committee and with an advisory role to the Governing Board, ensuring that the data requirements for the highest quality GNSS products are fully satisfied, while also anticipating future needs and evolving IGS infrastructure needs.