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The GNSS data that the Navigation Support Office processes is provided by stations within ESA’s global network of satellite tracking stations, ESTRACK, and its affiliated partner stations. The ground stations provide the link between ESA’s satellites in orbit, and the operations control center on the ground.

The GNSS stations operated by the ESOC Navigation Support Office (ESOC-GN) are:

  • Kourou, French Guyana (inst. 1992)
  • Kiruna, Sweden (inst. 1993)
  • Villafranca, Spain (inst. 1994)
  • Maspalomas, Gran Canaria (inst. 1994)
  • Malindi, Kenya (inst. 1995)
  • New Norcia, Australia (inst. 2002)
  • Redu, Belgium (inst. 2003)
  • Cebreros, Spain (inst. 2005)
  • Tahiti-Faaa, France (inst. 2006)
  • Malargüe, Argentina (inst. 2012)
  • Santa Maria, Azores, Portugal (inst. 2013)
  • Awarua, New Zealand (inst. 2014)
  • Dubai, UAE (inst. 2015)
  • Banting, Malaysia (inst. 2015)
  • Tsukuba, Japan (inst. 2015)
  • Darmstadt, Germany (inst. 2015)
This section provides detailed information about each of these stations, using the menu in the upper right.

Former stations

Stations previously operated by the ESOC-GN:

  • Malindi, Kenia (MALI) ; Operated 1997-2008 (decommissioned)
  • Perth, Australia (PERT) ; Operated 1993-2012 (taken over by Geosciences Australia)
  • Kourou, French Guyana (KOU1) ; Operated 2002-2006 (decommissioned)