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ESOC GNSS Station at Redu (REDU)

An ESOC Navigation Support Office GNSS station participating in the EUREF Permanent Network


The receiver is situated in the Redu ground station, located in eastern Belgium.

History and evolution

This installation was performed in April 2003.

The cable from the monument to the racks of the main building, where the receiver is integrated, is about 90 metres, much longer than the standard setup of the receiver. This made necessary the use of low loss cable.


In 2003 the receiver was an Ashtech micro Z connected to the frequency standard of the station; a Cesium oscillator, plus an Astech chokering antenna.

In September 2013 a new Septentrio Polarx4 was installed as well as a Septentrio Chokering antenna for multi-GNSS tracking.


from 2013


from 2003

a front view of receiver & PC (73K)
a close view of the antenna (93K)
a view of the monument (68K)

Series of pictures showing the horizon mask:

Picture 1. Towards the North direction.
Picture 2. Towards East.
Picture 3. Towards South.
Picture 4. Towards West.