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ESOC GNSS Station at Tahiti-Faaa in cooperation with Meteo France (FAA1)

An ESOC Navigation Support Office GNSS station participating in the IGS network


The receiver is located in the Meteo France facilities at the Tahiti-Faaa airport.

History and evolution

The Ashtech micro Z receiver was tested and installed at the station in February 2005, plus an Ashtech Chokering antenna.

In October 2006 a Javad Legacy receiver was installed.

In December 2012 a Septentrio Polarx4 receiver was installed and a Leica AR25.R4 antenna.


The receiver is located in the Main Equipment Room of the station. A computer provides for the operation and remote control of the system.

The station has pressure, temperature and humidity data hourly available.

The communications are carried out using an ADSL connection.


from 2012

FAA1 GNSS antenna

from 2006

The receiver in the Main Equipment Room

Series of pictures showing the horizon mask.

Horizon direction North Horizon direction North-East Horizon direction East Horizon direction East-South Horizon direction South Horizon direction South-West Horizon direction West Horizon direction West-North