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Galileo: ESA Operations Centre contributes valuable expertise

23 December 2005

In addition to mission control expertise, ESA’s Space Operations Centre is working diligently to ensure the Galileo system will be reliable and fully functional for innovative navigation applications.

Galileo, a global satellite navigation system, is being developed through a joint initiative of ESA and the European Union. Once in routine operation, Galileo will provide an unprecedented level of navigational accuracy and is expected to enable numerous new commercial applications (see links at right).

With decades of experience in complex spacecraft operations, teams at ESA’s Space Operations Centre (ESOC) are already providing valuable and in some cases unique expertise for the Galileo System Testbed, the future in-orbit validation (IOV) phase and the establishment of a global geo reference frame.

IOV will start with the 28 December 2005 launch of GIOVE-A, the first of two test satellites initially aimed at securing Galileo frequency requests, validating new technologies and characterising the medium Earth orbit (MEO) environment. By end-2008, the second part of IOV will begin with the launch of four more Galileo satellites, marking the start of significant ESOC contributions.

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