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The Envisat operational orbit determination is performed by the Flight Dynamics Division at the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC) in Darmstadt. The purpose of this orbit determination is, among others, to provide the ENVISAT ground segment with the latest orbit determination and prediction, for satellite acquisition (at the ground stations), mission planning and fast delivery data processing purposes. The operational orbit determination uses S-band tracking and fast delivery altimeter height data (when avaialble). The S-band data comprises range and range-rate measurements from the Multi-Purpose Tracking System MPTS installed at the Kiruna station. An automatic software sequence checks the arrival of data in the ESOC computer after each planned pass, and sends warning messages to the Spacecraft Controller’s console if anomalies are detected. Once per day, the full sequence runs to process tracking data from the last three days, and to update the orbit file, including a prediction for the next nine days. The central day of the three day moving window provides the final orbit. As a result, the operational orbit is available to users with a delay of only one day.

Information about the latest Envisat manoeuvres is provided through this link.