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Envisat State Vector Retrieval

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You can retrieve Envisat state vectors and orbital elements from the Envisat Operational Orbit Files (in the J2000.0 reference frame). The nominal span of the Orbit Files is currently from seperation time to 10 days in the future (predicted orbit), and are updated daily. Read the [Envisat introduction](/missions/envisat/) for more details.

Just select ENV-1 Satellite for Envisat, enter the Epoch (UTC) in the boxes below and then press Get State. You can also convert the extracted state vector to other reference frames via the “Convert State Vector To” menu.

IMPORTANT: If you are a regular user of this service please send us an e-mail.

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Envisat TLE

Envisat TLE’s are generated on a daily basis covering several days of daily TLE’s, together in one data file. TLE’s should always be propagated until the epoch of the next TLE set in the file. In case of future orbit manoeuvres, a new TLE set with an epoch shortly after the planned manoeuvre is always present.