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ERS State Vector Retrieval

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You can retrieve ERS-1 or ERS-2 state vectors and orbital elements from our Operational Orbit Files (in the J2000.0 reference frame). The nominal span of the Orbit Files is from several months in the past to nine days in the future (predicted orbit), and they are updated daily. Read the ERS introduction for more details.

Just select a Satellite, enter the Epoch (UTC) in the boxes below and then press Get State. You can also convert the extracted state vector to other reference frames via the “Convert State Vector To” menu.

IMPORTANT: If you are a regular user of this service please send us an e-mail.

Satellite: Convert State Vector To:

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ERS-2 TLE’s are generated on a daily basis covering 4 days of half daily TLE’s, starting at 1:30 AM of the current day. The operational ERS-2 orbit of yesterday is used to generate the TLE’s of today. If the TLE’s are not up-to-date, please let the webmaster know, so he can solve the problem quickly.