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Galileo High Accuracy Positioning Service (HAPS)


The HAPS study was initiated and funded by the European Commission (EC). The study was conducted between August 2009 and June 2010 by a consortium consisting of ESA/ESOC, Geo Forschungszentrum Potsdam (GFZ), Bundesamt fuer Kartographie (BKG) under the lead of ESA/ESOC’s – Navigation Support Office.


The main objectives of this study were:

  1. Development and analysis of options for the provision of a system integrated Galileo High Accuracy Positioning Service, based on current Galileo system design
  2. Assist the EC in developing the specification for such a service under considerations of related operational aspects
  3. Identification of potential evolution of such a service


The main tasks of this study can be summarised in the following way: Identification of potential scenarios for the provision of a Galileo High Accuracy Positioning Service, analysis of potential performance of such a service and resulting impact on Galileo Ground and Space Segment. The study analysed potential service methodologies. Further, possible scenarios for the provision of a HAPS service have been identified and analysed. In addition, a performance analysis has been carried out for each of the identified potential scenarios. Finally, the evolution potential of the proposed HAPS has been investigated and outlined.