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At the Navigation Support Office we are constantly striving to improve our products and processes by creating new tools.

Some of the new tools under development at this time are:


The GNSS Analysis and Monitoring Element is an operational software for analysing and monitoring GNSS data and products. The GAME will complement the existing navigation software infrastructure by having the following capabilities:

  • To populate and maintain a database with time-tagged parameters provided by the different applications.
  • To produce a configurable set of metrics based on those parameters.
  • To monitor a set of parameters and/or a set of metrics via trend analyses and/or checks against thresholds and trigger monitoring messages.
  • To provide a suitable interface for cross checking and visualising the parameters, the metrics and the monitoring messages by means of configuration.
  • To be flexible in introducing new parameters and defining new metrics.
… and all of the above in automatic and on-request modes.

This development takes the full benefit of modern software engineering methods.