An internal (non-public)  ESOC Navigation Support Office GNSS station.


The antenna is mounted on a steel pipe on the roof the  National Space Centre in Banting, Malaysia.

The site is managed by the Malaysian National Space Agency (ANGKASA)

A joint collaboration between ANGKASA and ESA/ESOC was established in July 2014.

BANT was the first EGON station to be installed in Asia, and provides excellent tracking due to its equatorial latitude and its central position with respect to the Asian GNSS constellations. 


In March 2015 a Septentrio PolaRx4 receiver was installed together with a Septentrio Chokering MC antenna,  providing multi-GNSS tracking from this location: GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Beidou and QZSS.

In October 2019 the equipment was upgraded to a Septentrio PolarRx5 receiver and a Septentrio PolaNt Chokering B3/E6 antenna


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BANT Antenna installation