A public ESOC Navigation Support Office GNSS station participating in the  EUREF Permanent Network


The receiver is located in the Cebreros ESA Deep Space tracking station in Avila, Spain.

History and evolution

The original Ashtech micro Z receiver was installed at the station in July 2005.

In December 2012 a Septentrio Polarx4 receiver was installed and a Septentrio Chokering MC antenna. 

In September 2019 the equipment was upgraded to a Septentrio PolarRx5TR (timing) receiver and a Septentrio PolaNt Chokering B3/E6 antenna


The receiver is located in the 35 meters antenna room of the station. A computer (with warm back-up) provides for the operation and remote control of the system.

The communications are carried out using the ESA permanent operational links.


from 2019


CEBR GNSS Septentrio antenna

from 2012


CEBR GNSS Septentrio antenna

from 2006

images/download/thumbnails/983304/cebr_Maser.jpg images/download/attachments/983304/cebr_Rack_back.jpg images/download/thumbnails/983304/cebr_Rack_front.jpg

Series of pictures showing the horizon mask.

images/download/attachments/983304/cebr_AntennaMask1_N.jpg images/download/attachments/983304/cebr_AntennaMask3_S.jpg images/download/attachments/983304/cebr_AntennaMask4_W.jpg images/download/attachments/983304/cebr_AntennaMask2_E.jpg

Series of pictures showing the horizon mask.