The Navigation Support Office is in close cooperation with Fugro Satellite Positioning for the provision of high-accuracy real-time worldwide positioning using several GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo). The system, being commercialised as G4, benefits from Fugro expertise in real-time navigation, together with the Navigation Support Office profound knowledge on GNSS processing.

G4 is taking precise orbit and clock augmentation services one step further by combining data of four GNSS into a single integrated solution. Based on a dedicated network of Fugro reference stations, the G4 service provides a much improved independency, robustness and availability of satellite navigation. The correction signals are transmitted via eight high power communication satellites giving coverage in any region of the world with at least two independent communication channels. Both the GNSS and geostationary satellite signals can be tracked with a single antenna.


The benefits of combining data of different GNSS over GPS-only were assessed over numerous real-time field tests. These efforts result in a reliable, real-time satellite positioning with an  accuracy of a few centimeters, worldwide.

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