The Navigation Support Office of the European Space Agency routinely generates and publishes the Earth Orientation Parameters.

ESA routinely contributes as an official AC to IGS, ILRS and IDS and the analysis capability of VLBI data is also being finalised.

By combining geodetic solutions and excitation functions based on geophysical models, the Navigation's service provides:

  • on a daily basis:

    • Earth Rotation Parameters rapid estimates up to the latest epoch for which geodetic solutions are available

    • predictions up to 119 days in the future

  • on a weekly basis

    • updated ERP FIN values up to 3 weeks in the past

More information can be found in the following publication

Bruni S., V. Mayer, M. Otten, E. Schoenemann (2022): ESA's Earth Rotation Parameter Service , Presentation at the 2nd Earth Orientation Parameters Prediction Comparison Campaign (2nd EOP PCC) Workshop, 15 - 16 February 2022, on-line workshop